We spend most of our days on our behinds, and that’s taking a toll on everything from our health to our mood and creativity

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Hey, leaders.  Want a healthier, more productive workforce?  Then get serious about helping your employees be “stand up” people. (Not just those with back problems.)

Here are two compelling points about sitting a lot:  

  • Exercise does not reverse all the negative effects of too much sitting. “New research shows there’s a big difference between exercising too little and sitting too much…a standing body uses energy altogether differently from a sedentary body—and also from an exercising one…Men and women who reported exercising the same amount, each additional hour they spent sitting was linked to a drop in their fitness levels…Sitting was chipping away at some of the benefits of exercise.”
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that standing and moving can benefit productivity and possibly creativity.

    A study by Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University (with Apple), changed the classroom model so that kids stood and moved around. After two months:

    • Teachers noted: “Students took fewer bathroom breaks, engaged in less frivolous movement, and related better to each other.”
    • Parents reported: “Children more eager to do homework…less stressed…doubled their activity level.”
    • Students scored: “Up to 20% higher on state standardized tests…”