When you start interviewing gen z prospects, or are approached to work with one, you should keep in mind these three unique ways they think about business.

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Just when business is getting a handle on working with millennials, here comes Gen Z.  Gen Zers are part of a 15-year bloc of some 60 million young people born between 1996-2010. (Millennials were born between 1980-1995.)

According to Deep Patel, Forbes contributor and entrepreneur who covers Gen Z and the workplace, “Generation z: the new millennial, but somehow unscathed by the same criticisms. Millennials may be entitled, but gen zers are hyperaware of entitlement and working hard to forge their own path. In fact, according to a report from Adweek, gen zers are eager to educate themselves: 33% watch lessons online, 20% read textbooks on tablets and 32% work with classmates via the Internet.”

It’s not surprising, then, that Gen Zers are considered to be independent, highly tech savvy and entrepreneurial. “Gen z influencers have taken the Internet by storm, and many have built careers for themselves at an extremely young age. Look at any homegrown influencer on the platform Musical.ly, for example. These are young teenagers with clothing lines and healthy appearance fees associated with their massively popular social accounts.”

Then there’s “Peter Szabo, an 18-year-old Facebook advertising guru, [who] can attest to the benefits (and challenges) of being a young digital native. Last year, Szabo managed over $2 million in Facebook advertising assets for his clients.” Independent, highly tech savvy and entrepreneurial – that seems to fit.

Patel explains three unique ways Gen Zers “think about business.” They:

  1. Look at their smartphones more than television.
  2. See social media as a community.
  3. Truly want to change the world, and are willing to walk the walk.

Since the oldest of this generation is still in college (typically, a sophomore), business leaders would be wise to start now to understand the uniqueness and value this generation can bring to the workplace.

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