Successful people have one thing is common: where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome.

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Regardless of our position in business or our role in our family, when the year is new and aspirations turn skyward, it’s natural to contemplate ways to think and, perhaps, do things differently. And, what better place to start than to look at successful people who manage to do that well.

According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, successful people “have one thing in common: where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome. Their confidence…is driven by their ability to let go of the negativity… Obstacles do not block the path; they are the path…By thinking outside the box and going against the grain, successful people rise above their limitations.”

So, there it is. Simple, right? Not really. But according to Travis, you don’t have to be born with the ability to think creatively. You can learn it by studying “how ridiculously successful people think and incorporate their approach into your repertoire.”

Dr. Bradberry lists ten characteristics of successful people we can study and emulate. Here are two that resonated with me:

  • “They’re honest. Super-successful people trust that honesty and integrity, though painful at times, always work out for the best in the long run. They know that honesty allows for genuine connections with people and that lying always comes back to bite you in the end.”
  • “They seek out small victories. Successful people like to challenge themselves and to compete, even when their efforts yield only small victories. Small victories build new androgen receptors in the areas of the brain responsible for reward and motivation. This increase in androgen receptors enhances the influence of testosterone, which further increases their confidence and eagerness to tackle challenges. When you achieve a series of small victories, the boost in your confidence can last for months.”

It’s reassuring to me that honesty and integrity are valued characteristics of success; our modern world seems jaded toward that concept. Recognizing and celebrating small victories help us stay mindful of and engaged in the daily journey we are all on in both our professional and private lives.

It’s worth contemplating the other eight characteristics of successful people and, perhaps, even put a few of them on our To Do list for 2018.

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