Consider which habits would serve you best in the coming year and make a plan now to master one every month.

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Last week we talked about how successful people think differently. This week we consider what they do differently by looking at the habits of successful people. Leaders can use this as a check list to see how they compare to others and then pick an area for improvement.

“Habits matter…Good ones underpin our successes and bad ones undermine our health and aspirations,” according to Shawn Kent Hayashi, a contributor to Forbes Coaches Council.

The blog identifies twenty habits in the areas of health, work and life management. Here is an example for each:

  • Health: “Get seven to eight hours of rest every night…exercise daily.”
  • Work: “Don’t get distracted by what other people are or are not doing. Instead, focus on your own goals.”
  • Life Management: “Ask bigger questions. For example: What would your life (or business) look like in three years if you were wildly successful?”

These habits are not surprising, new or revolutionary; they are good things to do. We know that. They’re what we tell anyone we coach or mentor – what we tell our kids. But do WE do them? Occasionally, perhaps, more than occasionally, I do every one of these. But can I say I have a habit of doing them? Each day? Every day? As they require. Bummer. That’s the rub.

Habits are not casual, lackadaisical actions. They require purpose, determination, mindfulness, self-discipline, and tenacity to develop and maintain. Which, of course, is why some of us don’t manage to develop a lot of the good ones. It’s simply easier not to. Good habits are hard work. Which is why some of us are more successful than others.

But is it a new year. Maybe 2018 will be different…

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