“All humans have the capacity to be creative and many of us could unlock more of our creative potential with the right process and conditions.”

When you think of the drivers of Formula 1  you don’t associate creativity with their profession. When in fact they are constantly finding ways to be creative to improve conditions as a driver and their teams for that added advantage. “Theoretically, if a driver can simulate a race circuit in their brain in “higher-definition” than another driver, they can imagine more possible scenarios, and take advantage of them”.

A Formula 1 car may have 30,000 design changes in one season so this excellence is not a result many hours of the same repetition but slight adjustments to achieve the best result.

The components of creativity are the creative person, process, situation and product. The creative process thrives when there is some pressure and limitation. Everyone has creativity and can express it in different ways. Research shows creative achievement can peak in your early 40’s and declines at a relatively slow rate.

One example of nurturing your creative mind involves allowing yourself time for creative reflection. “Our brains have a distinct network of interacting brain regions that become active in periods of wakeful rest, such as when we daydream or let our minds wander. This mode only activates when we are not involved in a task.

Whatever your profession, there is room for creativity.

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