Crises are a Part of Life…and Business It’s a rare day that you turn on the television or open the newspaper and don’t encounter a story about a crisis unfolding in an organization.

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When Jack Welch talks about business, it’s probably smart to listen.  His long, successful (and sometimes controversial) career qualifies him to offer opinions that are de facto worthy of our attention.

Though this post is about crisis management – Welch lists five steps a leader can take when crisis hits – the greater benefit from Welch’s experience is his advice about the “things you should be doing all the time” to build “a solid foundation before a crisis occurs.”

These “things” aren’t trivial or short term.  They go to the heart of a company’s culture and the way it treats its employees.  Welch tells us to:

  • “Establish a culture of candor where people can speak up when they see something wrong without fear of reprisal.”
  • “Constantly review the behaviors you are rewarding…there is a risk that well-meaning incentives could drive unintended actions.”
  • “Don’t create your own crisis through the way you let someone go for performance reasons. Treat people with dignity on the way out just as you did on the way in.”

Leaders would be wise to build a solid foundation…before crisis strikes.

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