New research is looking at female physicians and their success in the medical field.  “Female physicians make up only one-third of the American physician work force.”  Salaries are eight percent lower than male physicians and at academic hospitals, the male physicians receive more research funding.  This recent study may have an impact on the noted differences in the profession.

Research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine from Harvard relating to  Medicare patients.  “Within 30 days of arriving at the hospital, rates of death and re-admission were significantly lower when the patients doctor was female.”   This study was different as it was the first to compare outcomes such as death and re-hospitalization.  “Female physicians are more likely to provide preventive care and psychosocial counseling.”

Also in the research, “female physicians have a more patient-centered communication style, and are more encouraging and reassuring, and have longer visits than male physicians.”

Male physicians are certainly very qualified and no one is doubting that fact, but female physicians are making their contribution in the medical field with great results and we can all take notice.


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