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Could Learning and Development professionals use some development themselves? As measurement and constant tracking of success metrics becomes ever more important in the age of data, the L&D industry needs to find how this trend fits into the way they provide training.

The traditional method of providing training and then measuring outcomes only after training is complete no longer seems to be the most effective method, as new emphasis on efficacy drives leaders in L&D to utilize measurements such as psychometrics or 360-degree appraisals.

With more sophisticated and frequent measurement, the status of training can be evaluated as it is occurring, which allows business leaders to adjust it to be more effective at various times within the training process. Many training efforts can take months, and if inefficiencies can be identified early enough in the process, they might be able to be mitigated.

As measurement and data analytics become an ever-more integral part of business, L&D professionals would do well to take advantage of new measurement techniques and strategies in order to improve their approach towards development.

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