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“There are many frameworks and standards for energy management that focus on operational best practices within the four walls of an office or plant, but few adequately connect energy strategy to the global trends that keep executives up at night… We’re at the beginning of a new era where an effective energy strategy is essential to remaining competitive in the marketplace. Too many executives lack an understanding of their organization’s energy maturity or where they are trailing their peers.”

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Disruption can come from any direction. In the case of the strategy highlighted in this article, a traditional cost center – energy – if given strategic attention focus, can be exploited for advantage. Why is this idea disruptive? Decades of delegating decision making about energy to managerial levels  means that common processes and practices in the business will inevitably need to change. Your C-Suite will need to gain mastery and competence to create effective strategies. Your supply chain may change depending upon your strategy. Disruption happens because there is a need to change the momentum of decades of business as usual to something new that must be defined, planned and executed.