End of year reflection can help anyone who wants to be your best in business or in life. These 12 questions help you build self-awareness to set and achieve meaningful goals.

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The end of any year is a meaningful time. It’s one of the few occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, when we’re able to compartmentalize time and clearly mark its passage. Like crossing a street, it is a time we look both ways. We note past events that distinguish this year from the others – the birth of a child, a move to a new city, a marriage or divorce, or a job change. We reflect on the future – what we would like to happen in our lives. And we make the plans that move us closer to our dreams.

Or do we? The holiday rush – gifts, parties, pressures, obligations, traffic, frantic New Year celebrations, time with the kids and grandparents, time with friends, time with each other – then back to work. But, what about time for ourselves? When do we reflect, ponder, evaluate and set our goals?

Eileen Chadnick in her 2015 piece in The Globe and Mail offers 12 questions we can ask ourselves as a guide for self-reflection.

  1. What went well?
  2. Who needs to be acknowledged?
  3. How did you grow this past year?
  4. What were the stand-out peak moments for you – and why?
  5. What’s not working?
  6. Wrap up your year by giving it a theme or name.
  7. What thresholds will you be crossing this year?
  8. Who will you connect with more in the year ahead?
  9. What kind of leader, peer, friend, partner (and other roles) do you want to be?
  10. What do you want?
  11. How will you put this into action?
  12. What’s the mantra for 2016?

“Whether you are in a leadership role, an aspiring leader or you just want to be your best in work and life, the habit of reflection can build self-awareness, efficacy and resilience and, if done right, it can help you establish and achieve more meaningful goals…I encourage you to take the time with these questions over several sittings. Let your thoughts percolate and stay with the questions…”

Self-awareness, efficacy, resilience and more meaningful goals. Sounds like it’s worth our attention.

We at Expressworks hope this year becomes the year you want it to be.