The world’s innovation system is powerful and has generally worked well. But it could use a guiding hand to nudge it in a direction that will benefit humanity as a whole.

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“While it’s true that technological leaps have often eliminated older, human-powered methods of doing things, many in Davos also recognized that advances in technology create new jobs, most of which we can’t even dream of today.


For example, the invention of the airplane created hundreds of thousands of jobs, from pilots, to stewards, to airport personnel, to international agents and more prognostications not to mention the transformative economic impact of billions of people traveling vast distances in a short span of time.”


The authors advocate a reasoned prioritization of goals based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To place planet and people ahead of profit is uncharted territory for many in business and may seem antithetical to capitalism. However, if one were to expand the notion of capital from merely financial to include human, natural and “built” capital, the way forward may be clearer.


As leaders, what kinds of thinking are you putting in to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?