Given today’s competitive business environment, leaders of companies around the world are striving to learn how to manage the conflicts that inevitably arise in the face of change. Some causes of conflict are not new — personality differences, disparate interpretations of the organization’s mission and goals, and people being asked to do more with less. But some are very new. Roles and responsibilities are often unclear as a multigenerational workforce merges in a shifting matrix where everyone must continually adapt to the newest technology.”

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Conflict is a common part of change. With the proponents of a change on one side and those resistant to the change on the other, there will be conflict, whether simply a conflict of desires, conflicting messages, or actual interpersonal conflict. In order to smoothly and effectively implement changes, leaders must both plan ahead to mitigate these conflicts and become adept at managing them as they arise. 

The article above explores numerous growing sources of conflict in the modern workplace and outlines several valuable methods for addressing them.