John Kotter talks about the difference between change management and change leadership.

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The function of change management is managing; the function of change leadership is leading. And, if you want to be a change leader, you need to know the difference.

Did General Douglas MacArthur lead the Allied forces to victory in the Pacific during WWII or did he manage them to victory? Did Dr. Martin Luther King manage the March on Washington in 1963 or did he lead it?

Simply put, change management is a process and change leadership is a person – a special person with vision, commitment, courage, candor, drive, and tenacity, to name a few.

“The world basically uses change management, which is a set of processes and a set of tools and a set of mechanisms…Change leadership is much more associated with putting an engine on the whole change process, and making it go faster, smarter, more efficiently. It’s more associated, therefore, with large scale changes…Change management…with smaller changes.”