What does it mean to “age gracefully?”  Now that I am in my middle age, I am looking at this term with more calm and less fear.  I have no choice about the aging process but I do have a choice about my attitude of aging.

When I was a teenager, I did not look at older people with much interest and have realized that the elderly have a story to tell.  And once they are gone, that story is never quite the same.   The number of men that fought in WWII are diminishing and some have harrowing accounts of this time.  Included in those accounts, there are also heartfelt stories of bravery and intelligence.

Karsten Thomaehlen,  photographed her friends grandmother who happened to be her first centenarian photographed.  “I was impressed by her presence, her knowledge and liveliness.”  Now Karsten searches for centenarians to photograph and is the basis for her new book “Aging Gracefully”.  In the photographs, Karsten has found a way to photograph her images, that tell a story and somehow we can imagine what kind of person is behind the photograph.

This gives us a moment to consider the possibility of living to be over 100 and how we can continue to contribute to society.  Being elderly today, brings wisdom, experience, curiosity and even laughter.  Age is number, it is all about the attitude.

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