Buying local fruits and vegetables is common practice for many shoppers today.  Now is the time to consider this practice for flowers.

Americans spend 34.3 billion annually on cut flowers that travel thousands of miles before making its final stop in our homes.  Miami International Airport handles over 85% of flower imports into the United States.   The concept of local is fresher should apply to flowers as well when you consider the journey of getting these flowers to their final resting place.

Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale have written a book “Foraged Flora” that originated from their work on sustainable food movement and now focusing on sustainable flower movement.  Their vision is to “compose floral arrangements with what’s abundant, instead of striving for a certain look.”  “There’s magical realism happening in your backyard.”

In order for the flower business to be sustainable, one of the biggest steps is buying local as this reduces transportation and use of chemicals to preserve the flowers.  A flower from South America to North America can take up to four days of transportation and refrigeration is needed during this time as well.

For your next flower arrangement, consider local, or consider your back garden.  Be creative.

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