Most of us never make a real effort to change, but we can if we try.

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We know we lose weight when we burn more calories than we take in.  It’s a simple concept.  The problem for many of us is actually doing it.  In this article, Joseph Grenny gives us three steps for turning weaknesses into strengths. It’s another relatively simple concept with the same potential problem…

According to Grenny, “Our research shows that 97% of people can readily identify a career-limiting habit they have. We’re unreliable, lack empathy, avoid conflict, or fear risk. While we’re clear that our weaknesses cost us both personally and professionally, few of us make any progress in turning them into strengths. In fact, managers report that after giving people feedback in a performance review, fewer than 10% of them look any different a year later.”

So, if we are inclined to actually do something to turn our weaknesses into strengths, this is a perfect article to read.  The steps are neither intimidating nor overly time-consuming.  They are practical, specific and are illustrated throughout with an encouraging and true human success story.

Grenny offers a three-step plan:

  1. Identify Crucial Moments – “Chronic weaknesses are usually not due to simple cognitive or behavioral gaps in our abilities…Rather, a deeply habitual and practiced response to feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, or fear.”
  2. Design Deliberate Practice – “…brief episodes of intense focus where we practice a skill under relatively real conditions.”
  3. Develop Emotional Competence – “…seek out tactics you can use to make the unpleasant act more pleasant, or at least manageable.”

And, as the article advises, “Don’t let fear or inertia hold you back.”  We just have to do it.

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