Children play with a tablet before performing at the first day of a contemporary urban dance festival in downtown Havana,

At what age do we begin introducing our children to technology?  This is the question every parent and educator are asking.

Generation Z are the first children to totally grow up in the time of social media and parents and teachers are thinking about how to teach these skills to all children, regardless of their family income or government funding.  Digital skills are a “core competency” needed to succeed in most careers today.

Digital intelligence, also called “DQ” is an intelligence that is highly adaptive and consists of three levels.  Digital citizenship, digital creativity, and digital entrepreneurship.  Digital citizenship is the most basic and most overlooked but is fundamental to a person’s ability to use technology.

There are eight skills that we should be teaching children about their digital citizenship.  The leading skills include cybersecurity, cyberbullying and screen time management.  All parents, educators and leaders should be on board to give these children the foundation needed to be successful in today’s world.

To answer the question of when to start introducing and teaching your children about technology.  The answer is now.

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