How does people-centric management show up in 7 movements of successful businesses?

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It is reassuring to think that the future of work actually has people at the center – as we are bombarded with stories about automation, artificial intelligence and the potential threats they pose to human jobs.  It is refreshing to think – like the small farmer whose farm was his home or the shop keeper who lived above her store in times past — we may not need to separate our work self from our home self as corporations have at times expected.

“We…believe that work is becoming more centered around people instead of mechanistic systems. What does this mean? Basically, the people who work at/with a company will be more able to bring their full selves to work instead of having to wear masks to fit into traditional corporate models.  For this reason, we call this evolution people-centric management.”

The article supports its belief by identifying seven current movements that share people-first / team-first philosophies.  “The opportunity lies in adapting a more people-centric management style to your existing context.”

The movements discussed are Holacracy, Lean, Responsive Org, re:Work, Semco Style, Sociocracy and Teal.  They propose ideas as:

  • Establishing “a ‘peer-to-peer’ operating systemthat increases transparency, accountability and organizational agility”
  • Streamlining processes by “eliminating overburden or unbalanced workloads”
  • Making “people happier, healthier and more productive.”
  • Focusing on “impact in the world versus management targets.”

 Hmmm, people-centric management – it has a nice ring.

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