3 important lessons leaders can learn from success that will help them inspire and motivate employees to bring their best efforts over the long run.

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Leaders know that success can be a double-sided blessing.   One side proclaims, “Look what we did.”  And the other side questions, “What do we do next?”

 Tanveer Naseer describes how organizations approach that question: “If you look at any successful organization, you can see the answer they share in common: the focus tends to be on how to replicate both the conditions and measures they took that allowed them to achieve this successful outcome.”

 Though this approach might work, Naseer suggests that we step back and take a longer look focusing on the less specific, more inspirational, human lessons we can learn from success.  He talks in terms of recognizing the value of persistence, embracing the potential within us, and anticipating the possibility of new journeys.

“We’re missing out on the important lessons to be learned from success in terms of the long view…three important lessons…that go beyond where our next innovation or idea will come from to understanding what drives us over the long run to bring our best efforts to what we do.”

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