With all of the headlines, the workplace has become the backdrop for discussing how we treat each other.

“15 Things Leaders Should Be More Cognizant Of In The Workplace This Year,” an article written by the Forbes Coaches Council, encourages greater awareness by people in business, leaders in particular, to make the workplace safe for everyone. Expectations have risen after the tumult of 2017, when allegations of sexual harassment became commonplace in our daily conversations. We couldn’t escape the allegations, and we couldn’t hide them from our children. We must do better in 2018.

The Forbes Coaches Council says, “According to a report by  U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, there were 12,860 sex-based harassment charges alleged in 2016 and this number has continually grown since 2014.” This does not include data from 2017. “Now that 2018 is here, leaders need to become more aware of the workplace environment they

are creating for their employees. More emphasis is being placed on providing a workplace that is safe for employees and free of discrimination and harassment,” says the Council. This includes things as developing emotional intelligence along with artificial intelligence, multi-generation management approaches, gender equality, and developing a coaching culture. All of the 15 things (provided by 15 different members of the Forbes Coaches Council) are worthy of your consideration. Here are three examples:

  • Diversity Is Nothing Without Inclusion: “Over the past decade, there has been a steady push towards creating a more diverse workplace; however, many companies still struggle with inclusion. Thriving workplaces understand diversity and inclusion must go hand-in-hand. It isn’t enough to simply hire more women and minorities if these marginalized groups still don’t have an actual seat at the table…”
  • Employees Want To Be Part Of Something Great: “Employees are inundated with examples of things organizations are not doing well…While that is natural, another path is turning the focus in an authentic way to the difference the company is making to their customers or in the world. Being a part of something great should be the new barometer.”
  • Embrace Changes So You Can Prevail: “Leaders should be cognizant of the fact that the rapid pace of multiple, simultaneous changes makes business uncertain and business leadership hard…Business leaders cannot control the pace of changes; however, they can understand them. When leaders embrace the changes, they can position their companies to prevail.”

Leaders, take notice. It is time.

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