Fifteen musicians assembled at an active volcanic crater on a small island in the southern Aegean Sea for an improvisational site-specific performance. The musicians of varied musical backgrounds and instruments gathered within the Stefanos Crater.

“The result was an immersive layering of experimental, otherworldly soundscapes.” Only natural lighting was used, limiting the amount of visual reporting.

“I like to play with time and challenge” and the hostility of the environment was a major appeal for Mr. Dagritzikos, the organizer of the event.  The safety and logistical aspects of the event were challenging and measures were taken to insure the safety of the musicians and the spectators.

The volcanic conditions and the mixed, improvisational nature of the performance pushed the musicians out of their comfort zone; only to be inspired by their surroundings. The result was a ten and half hour recording not likely to be repeated but remembered.

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