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50 percent of employees leave their company to get away from their bosses.

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How will your employees remember you?

Working for (really with) an amazing boss is one of those life experiences that goes into the “Special” folder in our memory banks – like our favorite teacher or our best high school buddy.  We remember them with pleasure because they enriched our lives.

So, it’s not surprising that we miss those good times when we find ourselves working for (really for) a not-so-great boss.   In fact, according to John Rampton, citing a Gallup Poll, “50 percent of employees leave their company to get away from their bosses.”

Rampton’s list of 12 things about amazing bosses ranges from “empowerment” to “permission to make appointments (doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, or your child’s teacher)” to “a happy workplace.”  The list may not be inclusive or may not match your experience precisely, but it is universal enough to remind us about two things:

  • If the boss isn’t going to, we need to do them. Our boss won’t be named Manager of the Year, so we need to do as many of those 12 things (or others like them) for ourselves and our co-workers as our situation allows.
  • If we are the boss, we need to do them. As bosses, we can develop an environment where our employees can be engaged, productive and creative.  As bosses, we can enrich their lives.

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