Client Success Story: Embracing Data Management

More Precious than Oil

Preserving Critical Data through SharePoint Adoption

At any given time, vast amounts of critical data – from research findings to financial projections – circulate through a large company’s channels like fuel through an engine. It’s information that must be collected, secured, organized, and shared for the benefit of the entire organization. Our client turned to Microsoft SharePoint as its data management solution, and called on Expressworks to build support for the program where prior efforts had failed.

Understandable skepticism 

The client, the central information management team within a global oil and gas company, had designed a SharePoint-based system to improve the quality, management and governance of key documents across its worldwide upstream organization. But the team faced an uphill battle in getting users to embrace SharePoint. The platform, for all its powerful capabilities, can also seem confusing and cumbersome when it’s not deployed strategically. Various earlier attempts to utilize SharePoint had been unsuccessful, leaving target users skeptical and reluctant to try it again.

Greasing the wheels 

Working alongside the client as well as other consultancies, Expressworks led the development and implementation of a change management plan to foster adoption of the new SharePoint system. Identifying key stakeholders, understanding their pain points and addressing their needs were critical first steps to overcoming resistance. Equally important, program communications highlighted executive sponsorship, establishing authority and paving the way for the initiative to succeed. At a practical level, Expressworks developed training/learning materials to equip the implementation team and business-based leaders to evangelize the program and teach employees to use it effectively.

Beyond adoption 

More than convincing people to give SharePoint another try, this multi-year project was the start of something bigger: a cultural shift toward a commitment to data management. As employees embrace the importance of preserving and sharing valuable information, the payoff comes in heightened organizational performance and a long-term competitive advantage for the company as a whole.

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