“Successful business leaders can motivate entire sectors.”

Expectations of leaders are changing especially for business and sustainability. A discussion of a new book, “The Future of New Business Leadership” by Chris Coulter, Mark Lee and David Grayson reveals the five critical attributes for business and sustainability derived from 20 years of surveys conducted by Globe Scan. If you’re considering an “all in” position on sustainability, this podcast has some good pointers.

  1. Purpose – authentic and inspiring why business exists
  2. Strategy – sustainability is part of supply and value chain
  3. Culture – business culture which makes innovation its core
  4. Collaboration – willingness and ability to engage and work with stakeholders
  5. Advocacy – speaking up for long term interests of society

The first four attributes are understood, and in broader practice. Sustainability advocacy can be scary for CEOs . It isn’t necessarily considered part of their jobs, especially in this context. Leaders can’t be strong advocates without the other four attributes. Advocacy should be strategic and aligned with company purpose. If it isn’t, efforts will come off as “greenwashing.”  Having clarity in these five areas is a must before leaders decide to go public.

We enable change leadership. Sustainability is an area where we see leaders grappling with starting and/or sustaining efforts.  Get in touch if your company needs a journey partner to help you develop and advance critical attributes for business and sustainability.

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