IT Strategy & Implementation

Untangling technology in the modern workplace

In a business world driven by data and dependent on networking, the role of the IT organization has never been more strategic, nor more misunderstood. Nearly every major company is under pressure to improve IT service quality, increase capacity and introduce new tools, all while eliminating downtime and keeping costs low. It’s no wonder CIOs don’t sleep.

Expressworks helps IT organizations live up to the enormous expectations. Whether it’s driving the adoption of a new enterprise application, managing the consumerization of workplace technology, or making a move to infrastructure in the cloud, we provide a systematic project management approach to implement change with minimal business risk. Far beyond “flipping the switch,” we engage employees in communications and training to ensure every IT project delivers its full ROI over time.

Client Success Stories

Harnessing Big Data
Engineering Efficiency
Aligning Investment Priorities
Uniting Disparate Leaders