Health, Safety & Environmental Programs

Proving the link between responsibility and results

Take care of your employees and the environment, and the business benefits will follow. For decades, that message was little more than lip service paid by companies who understood that compassion and profit didn’t mix. But today things are changing. Industry leaders are walking the walk by investing heavily in real programs to promote health and safety and conserve natural resources. It’s not just good PR – it’s a business imperative that the public demands and the numbers support.

But initiating a program and seeing it through are two different things. Expressworks has first-hand experience developing, implementing or revamping wellness and environmental initiatives for some of the world’s largest companies. It’s a process that depends on a mix of business strategy, visible leadership and clear communications. We’ll help you address the most urgent needs first, while setting in motion a long-term cultural shift employees can embrace.

Client Success Stories

Advocating Safer Practices
Improving Safety Audits