Expressworks Creative: Tell a Better Story

Be Seen, Heard, and Understood

To implement real organizational change, you first have to connect with people. Clear, compelling communications to inform, educate, and motivate stakeholders are essential to every project’s success. Put another way, creating change is about telling a story, both verbally and visually, and getting people invested in the outcome. That’s where Expressworks Creative comes in.

Your First Call for Creative Support

Expressworks Creative provides clients with professional-grade creative services – stellar presentations, graphics, videos, and more. Whether you call us for a single deliverable or an integrated campaign, we provide the visual and verbal expertise you need to reach and influence the people who will make or break your project.

For Best Results, Start Early

Creative communications can bring your story to life. So make it part of your project plan from the beginning. The sooner we’re involved, the better we can help you define your vision and put it in motion. Ask your Expressworks consultant about Expressworks Creative. Or contact us directly:

J.P. Rose, Creative Director

Three Reasons to Call Expressworks Creative

1. We’re a one-stop shop.

Change management consulting and creative elements go hand-in-hand. Now you can get either – or both – from Expressworks.

2. We produce quality creative work that gets results.

Clearly articulated messaging and eye-grabbing designs help you cut through the clutter and gain influence.

3. We go way beyond PowerPoint.

We’re also experts in the new digital media today’s tech-savvy employees expect – video, animation, visual identity for programs and campaigns, infographics, and more.