“I have over twenty five years of experience and one of the things that draws me to Expressworks is the network of people. As an independent, you may have friends that you can leverage, or other acquaintances that you’ve met, but it’s different when you have a good, hard network that you know that you can reach out to that have some of the same values and goals that you have. What’s kept me here are the values, the networks, and the principles that we all operate on. That’s enough for me to continue doing the things that I like to do.” – Christina

“On my current client project, I needed additional support. I reached out to our network to say “We’re going to need an additional resource”; I was able to find someone within our network who was a really great, seasoned resource to work with me. Personally, that enabled me to do even a better job and be more successful for my client.  It was very much appreciated because it was right in time, just when we needed it.” – Maria


“When I think about the people in the Expressworks network…they are special; it is different to have colleagues who care a whole lot and have the capacity, willingness and desire, to go and get things done. When you have colleagues like that, you have high trust and confidence that they’re doing the right thing.  Whether they’re with you in the same client, or they’re anywhere else, you know they’re making a difference.” – Rick

“When I came on board I was blown away by the group of people that Expressworks had. These are folks with years of experience. A lot of them have come from Big 5 consultancies. I haven’t; I’ve worked as an employee in companies all of my life. I used to make fun of the Big 5 consultants and say,  “They can make pretty Power Points.” Expressworks consultants are different. They aren’t competitive; they are collaborative. They are substantive. When I am on a project and need to do something that I haven’t done before, I can reach out to the network and there are always people willing to help me. It’s more like a family than it is a company.” – Samantha