Black Lives Matter

The effects of racism are wider, deeper and more insidious than too many of us for too long have wanted to acknowledge or understand.  The fear, hurt, disrespect, and brutality that befall its victims are not acceptable. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our humanity and our business depend on it.

The killing of George Floyd is unacceptable as are the many other killings that preceded his. These are just the most recent and visible examples of racial discrimination that black individuals experience on a daily basis.  

Expressworks commits to be a part of the solution. We commit to help dismantle the mindset and behaviors that underlie systemic racism by:

  1. Actively educating ourselves about the ways racial inequity manifests in our society and in our organization
  2. Partnering with our black and minority colleagues to ensure equity in the workplace
  3. Confronting racial inequity when we encounter it
  4. Collaborating with organizations that prioritize social justice and racial equity
  5. Using our change expertise to help our consultant network, clients and business community at large move deeper into awareness and understanding of how they can support this effort

From Commitment to Action

Expressworks has begun a journey of both introspection and action. We don’t know all the places this journey will take us, but we know our first step is to establish and maintain racial equity in our own organization. This involves ensuring that company practices and actions align with company values, our belief in racial equality, our fidelity to social justice, and our sense of human dignity and common decency.

In this summer of 2020, we are taking these steps:

  1. Reviewing current operating practices starting with recruiting, hiring, and staffing to build on our efforts to ensure that the demographics of our consultancy are equitable and that we eliminate bias from candidate selection.
  2. Formalizing our commitment with the launch of an internal Diversity and Inclusion taskforce. The more of us who can see and understand the reality of inequity, the more effectively we will be able to confront it as individuals and as a company. Our charter will work towards improving our collective consciousness around racial and social equity and enabling action internally, with our clients, and in collaboration with partner organizations.
  3. Matching consultant contributions of up to $500 per year for monetary or time donations to charitable organizations that advocate for and improve human / civil rights and the human condition.

Ending systemic racism requires systemic change. These actions are just the beginning of our effort. How we support racial equity will evolve with our understanding, but wherever the road leads, we pledge to remain steadfast in our vigilance and our focus.

Enough is enough. It’s time to end systemic racism.

Change starts with us.

Stephen Zaruba
Managing Partner

John Quereto
Managing Partner