Need a different approach to change?

A mix of science and creativity may be just what you need. The Expressworks Behavior Cards are a fast and easy tool to carry with you in the workplace that uses a scientific approach to change management. Created by Managing Partner John Quereto and Senior Change Consultant Craig Mills, the cards will help you understand HOW and WHY employees make certain decisions and then leverage that knowledge within your change strategy. They are a great way to learn more about behavioral obstacles found in the workplace and give insight on how to address those change barriers with a scientific perspective. 

The Expressworks Behavior Cards will help you think about how to:

  • Focus on key behaviors that drive behavior change
  • Address organizational issues differently
  • Give feedback that improves overall performance
  • Leverage the science behind people’s behaviors in your change strategy

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Preview of Expressworks Behavior Cards


Expressworks Managing Partner John Quereto is a seasoned executive and veteran organizational change consultant. His 20+ years of business facing experience have been spent helping solve real world business issues at multi-national companies. Read More

With a passion for behavioral science and behavioral change, Senior Change Consultant Craig Mills has 25+ years of global expertise as a change advocate and leader. Craig has an astounding track record successfully executing organizational change and business process transformations.