Client Success Story: Aligning Investment Priorities

Aligning IT with Business Priorities

Global Deployment of an IT Investment Strategy

Nearly every industry today is, at its core, driven by technology. Thus, for large companies especially, part of maintaining a competitive edge involves researching and investing in the technology projects that will enable continuous improvement into the future. Our client, one of the 25 largest companies in the world, developed an IT investment strategy to do just that, along with processes to ensure the strategy could be executed throughout the global organization. They called on Expressworks to help them deploy their new strategy, convincingly and sustainably.

Everything in sync

The client’s new IT investment strategy was built around enabling specific capabilities the company needed to develop. In other words, the goal was to make sure every major IT investment was in direct support of key business priorities. This “nothing wasted” mindset seemed simple enough, but like all global initiatives, gaining real traction was easier said than done.

The new processes required hundreds of IT leaders and employees to change the way they prioritized their work and allocated their budgets. And because IT employees’ annual reviews were partially tied to the adoption of these new processes, they were understandably concerned.

Expressworks’ charge was to help the client develop a memorable and motivational program to engage employees in the new IT investment strategy. It was critical that IT employees knew what was expected of them, and had the knowledge and tools they needed to meet those expectations.

In addition to delivering clear and concise internal communications about the strategy, Expressworks developed competency-based learning materials and reinforcement activities to be administered as an in-depth educational program. These materials were delivered to the entire global IT workforce in a phased implementation plan.

Repeatable results

As IT personnel developed a strong understanding of the investment strategy and their role in executing it, resistance and confusion were replaced by commitment and productivity. Our client group achieved its deployment goals and exceeded its target metrics in the first year. By the following year, the company was making plans to reuse Expressworks’ deployment methods to guide new strategic initiatives in other parts of the business.

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