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Free Webinar: 5 Key Elements of Cyber Resilience

Often companies fall into a false sense of security once they purchase and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity platform. Once the implementation is complete, there may be a temptation to check cyber attacks off the “risk list” and resume business as usual. However, human error remains one of the main causes of cyber attacks. While companies are savvy enough to invest in top-tier technology and compliance training, users continue to cause data breaches that are extremely costly and can cause irreparable damages

In this highly interactive webinar, we will

  • Identify risky behaviors that pose imminent threats to even the strongest organization
  • Preview behavior-based solutions that can supplement sophisticated security software
  • Explore reasons why organizations should immediately implement cyber resilience practices


Hend Ezzeddine, Ph.D, is the Cybersecurity Practice Director at Expressworks. She has over 10 years of experience helping clients implement and adopt cutting edge IT solutions. She is the author of a number of scholarly articles and blogs on Cybersecurity.


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