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The Work of the Future

If machines and robots are poised to displace humans in the office, why do so many people have jobs?

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History is littered with futuristic technologies that either fizzled out or haven’t developed into new standards as quickly as pundits projected. The geniuses who cook up new technologies don’t always fully appreciate the barriers to widespread use.

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Flora Moon
Flora Moon is Sustainability Practice Director at Expressworks. For over 15 years she has adeptly guided petrochemical clients like DuPont, Williams, Halliburton and Chevron to navigate systemic and cultural change. In April, 2016 she moderated the SPE panel on Sustainability and Performance in Stavanger, Norway. She serves on the Executive committee of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Sustainability Technical Section and co-leads the SPE Sustainability Technical Section Performance Sub-Committee. Flora has also created sustainability capability and capacity in communities serving on the Houston (Texas) Resilience Committee and as project manager / special advisor to a number of public and private projects. She is the co-designer of a private sustainability investment strategy for Merrill Lynch.