Costa Rica Sets Carbon Neutral Goal

/Costa Rica Sets Carbon Neutral Goal

Costa Rica Sets Carbon Neutral Goal

Costa Rica plans to be a carbon neutral country by the time it marks its bicentennial in 2021. And the Central American nation is not so far from that ambition — already 98 percent of its electricity comes from renewables.

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In the midst of political discourse and disagreement over the validity of the science behind global warming, it is refreshing to see a country determinedly act to further its use of renewable energy.

Costa Rica has managed to do what other democratic countries struggle to achieve; that is, identify a problem, determine a solution, establish a goal and take actions to accomplish it.

At the opening of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Costa Rica’s president Luis Guillermo

Solis announced plans for “Costa Rica to be a carbon neutral country by the time it marks its bicentennial in 2021.”  Carbon neutral. That’s huge even for a small country like Costa Rica.  In fact, that’s huge for any entity – a city or a community.  It’s huge even for an individual.  Really, it’s just plain huge at any level.

Costa Rica already gets 98% of its electricity from “renewables…mainly hydropower but also geothermalwindsolar and biomass. The only fossil fuel it utilizes is diesel.”

Yet, they continue to raise the bar. Solis said that Costa Rica’s decision to embrace renewables “ ‘was in no way improvised — it’s the constitutional right of the people to enjoy a clean environment.’ ”


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