12 Times Street Art Made You Think About the Planet

/12 Times Street Art Made You Think About the Planet

12 Times Street Art Made You Think About the Planet


Street artists worldwide are applying their talents to not only make you feel, but to make you think.

Read the full article at: www.onegreenplanet.org

Whether we view street art as graffiti that debases public space and should be removed or we view it as an acceptable medium for artistic and social expression, (obviously depending on the graffiti itself), the street art is this article is worth a few minutes of our time and contemplation.

Irrespective of the points they are trying to make, the creative ways these artists work their “canvasses” to become integral parts of their messages is something that can make us pause and appreciate for the sheer imagination of it.

And if we find inspiration in the works, so much the better.

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