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OPI cyber talk for executives

Hend Ezzeddine, Cyber Security Practice Director, and Samantha Leach were invited to the OPI Global Forum in Chicago, late 2016. You may want to check out their take on building a culture of cyber resilience. Click here to view the presentation.

Brakeing Down Security Podcast

Dr. Hend Ezzeddine, Expressworks Cyber Security Practice Director, stops by the Brakeing Down Security Podcast with host Bryan Brake, to discuss how she helps organizations get people to understand security topics and concepts, to create a positive security culture. Listen here.

Austin Bsides March 2016 Cyber Presentation

Dr. Hend Ezzeddinne, Cyber Security Practice Director for Expressworks, gave this talk at Austin Bsides conference in March. Folks there were quick to acknowledge that technology is not enough. Hackers are targeting human brains. Hend’s talk provides insights into what can be done to help users and companies be more cyber resilient. Click here to view the presentation.

Most cyber incidents are not caused by a technological failure, but by human error, which can be prevented.

At Expressworks, we employ a multi-dimensional approach to cyber security. We work with clients to identify the links to where behavioural science and change management can improve performance outcomes and cyber resilience.

To explore how to incorporate human behaviour into your cyber strategy Expressworks have a range of offerings.

Expressworks Cyber Security: Strategy and solutions must address the role of human behavior in cyber security.

Only amateurs attack machines; professionals target people*

It’s not a matter of if but when. 2014 attacks rose 40%. Losses rose by 34% costing on average $2.7M. It takes only minutes to compromise your technology infrastructure.

Most business leaders acknowledge that technology is not enough. Think Sony,  Target and Bank of America….

What does your strategy for response to cyber threats look like?

If you’re like most organizations, your response is  fragmented. Your weakest link sits between the computer keyboard and your data. We can help you create an integrated response across the enterprise.

Make it harder for thieves to steal your data.

Integrating behavior change into your programs can help minimize human errors.

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