Sustainability – How Do You Know You’re Making Progress

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Everybody wants to know how we’re doing, are we “sustainable?”  It is a great question but the answer is not without significant challenges.  Creating practical, meaningful measures of progress is difficult. Meaningful sustainability measures should help leaders determine how to focus their efforts to contribute to the overall goal.  Progress [...]

Defining Measures of Sustainability Success

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There is an old adage attributed to management guru, Peter Drucker, which states, “What gets measured gets done.” The catch is knowing what to measure so your organization can move forward (get things done).  For those new to sustainability, the concept of what should be measured can be daunting. What [...]

What’s in a name?

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Sustainable development, energy efficiency, environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, recycling, waste reduction, are just some of the terms implied or included in the concept of sustainability. A good place to start with any sustainability effort is to define what you mean by sustainability. The key is to make the definition simple, aspirational and compatible with