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Are Users Careless or Simply Human?

By | 2017-05-23T10:53:08+00:00 October 18th, 2016|Cyber Security, IT Strategy & Implementation, Organizational Change Capacity|

The concept of “psychology of security” is often a foreign concept to  IT professionals, yet they all acknowledge that users are the biggest challenge. When hackers are unsuccessful at exploiting technical vulnerabilities, they turn their attention towards users. They scan for responses to psychological triggers and cognitive patterns that can [...]

A Cyber Resilient Culture is the Key to Your Insider Threat Program

By | 2017-05-23T10:47:50+00:00 April 6th, 2016|Cyber Security, IT Strategy & Implementation|

Having just attended the insiderthreat Summit last month I was surprised at how much focus was on identifying behavioral characteristics of malicious insider threats.  Don’t get me wrong, proactively identifying malicious insiders is a critical part of an Insider Threat Program, but I believe that you also must consider the [...]

On Cyber Security, Technology and Human Behaviors

By | 2017-05-23T10:36:16+00:00 September 2nd, 2015|Cyber Security, IT Strategy & Implementation|

“This is one piece of the puzzle that we rarely think about.” My colleague and I just finished presenting at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Security Control Oversight & Update Training (CSCOUT) conference.  This might seem an unusual place for a behavioral change management practitioner, but the topic [...]